Curse of the Crimson Throne

House of the Moon

Once the group gained the Spherewalker’s
Mark, the next stage of their journey was to seek
out the Lyrune-Quah to try to secure the aid of a
Truthspeaker. As Thousand Bones has told the group,
the nomadic Lyrune-Quah spend that part of the year
camped near an ancient Desnan temple called the
House of the Moon —a place known to some simply as
the Moon Ruin.

At the time, very few Lyrune-Quah had gathered at
the House of the Moon. It iwas still early in their season,
and the bulk of the tribe had yet to arrive in the area.
Unfortunately, as is sometimes the case, they arrived
to find that a local predator took up the ruins as its
territory—in this case, a dangerous creature known as
a red reaver. In this situation, the first tribe to arrive
in the region is responsible for driving out the monsters
and making the House of the Moon safe for the tribes
yet to arrive. Unfortunately, the red reaver was proving to
be a bit more trouble than a pack of gargoyles or a few
hungry ankhegs, and already several Lyrune-Quah moon
maidens had perished at the monster’s talons.
The Lyrune-Quah sent many of their warriors
into the House of the Moon to try to slay or at least drive
out the red reaver. Unfortunately for them, the reason
for the reaver’s interest in the House of the Moon was that
the monster had bonded with the site and viewed the
structure as its territory.

When the group approached, they were swiftly intercepted by
a patrol of four moon maidens, the traditional honor guard
and protector caste of the Lyrune-Quah. Each moon maiden
bonds with a wolf upon being accepted into the guard, at
which point the two are rarely seen apart from each other.
The patrol’s leader was a woman named Tekra’Kai, and she had grown increasingly
worried and distracted at the red reaver’s presence in the
House of the Moon. Having already thrown nearly a dozen
of her warriors at the problem, she had consigned herself to
the inevitable humiliation of admitting to the main body of
the Lyrune-Quah, scheduled to arrive in the area at the rise
of the next moon, that she was unable to secure the House
of the Moon.

Tekra’Kai’s initial reaction to the group was one of distrust—
her upbringing had taught her to view all tshamek as the
enemy, yet she also knew that many tshamek worship
Desna. The group had the Spherewalker’s Mark and showed
it to Tekra’Kai, though, and her initial distrust transformed
into relief—she immediately came to see the group as
saviors sent by Desna to help take care of the problem
in the House of the Moon, and quickly explained to them
what the problem was, presuming the group was just as eager
as she was to deal with the red reaver.

The group secured her cooperation and asked for the use
of a Truthspeaker, and Tekra’Kai admited that her tribe did
indeed have one—his name was Akram, and he was scheduled to arrive with the rest of her tribe at the rise of the next moon. Yet as long as the red reaver remained in the House
of the Moon, she warned the group that her fellow tribesmen
would have little time to talk about anything else. At the
same time, she indicated that if the group helped in getting
rid of the unwelcome monster, the tribe would be much
more disposed toward helping them in return.

Once the group agreed to help, Tekra’Kai beamed in relief and
told them that she and three of her remaining moon
were prepared to assault the House of the Moon
immediately—she led them to the
structure’s entrance at once.

It was a hard fought battle…two of the brave maidens met their fate. It the confusion of the battle, it was hard to tell who was alive and who was dead. Eventually, the group won out over the creature.

Once the red reaver was slain,
the Lyrune-Quah became even friendlier, and invited the
group to stay with the tribe for a few nights.

The rest of the Lyrune-Quah tribe arrived, as scheduled,
one night after the PCs arrive. Tekra’Kai introduced the group,
and once they explained that they were seeking a Truthspeeker to
witness their journey to the Feeding Grounds of the Quah-
Kael, the Shoanti became rather impressed. The tribe’s
only current living Truthspeaker was an aged man named
Akram, and he readily agreed to travel with the group—if
only so he could witness the fury of Cindermaw himself.

The Lyrune-Quah were not at war with the Sklar-Quah, but
neither did the two tribes particularly enjoy each other’s
company—Akram saw it as an opportunity to speak
with a Sun Shaman to attempt to strengthen allegiances
between the two tribes.

In any case, once Akram agreed to accompany the group on
their journey, he was ready to go.

The dward encountered some difficulty as they were traveling, however, finding it difficult to sleep undderneath the clear night sky. It took rope and a few whacks to keep him from running back to the House of the Moon in terror. Akram studied the dwarf and revealled that Gurn had some kind of sickness of the mind, possibly due to a recent terrorizing shock. Gurn resolved to fight his condidtion, but at the time, was still unsuccessful.



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