Curse of the Crimson Throne

Belly of the Beast and Death

Cindermaw was one of the deadliest predators of the
Cinderlands, an ancient purple worm changed and
transformed into a unique creature infused with
elemental fire after it devoured a malfunctioning portal
to the Elemental Plane of Fire that stood inside a partially
collapsed ruin the creature blundered into.
The infusion of fire not only granted Cindermaw a host
of unique fire-based abilities, but awakened its intellect
as well, granting it the ability to understand its place in
the world. Cindermaw knows that the Shoanti regard it as
a sort of god, and it has taken this notion to an extreme.

As the group approached the worm’s killing ground,
they became increasingly aware of the beast’s
presence. Encounters with other creatures grew less and
less frequent, and what at first seemed like hills were
in fact mounded burrows left behind by Cindermaw’s

In the end, the group did’t have to find Cindermaw- the
immense worm found them. The creature surfaced in the distance, arced, and then dove below,
as if it were an immense whale swimming through the
ground. The worm erupted in front of the group, then behind them, and
then to the side – Cindermaw seemed to enjoy showing
off and intimidating prey before it attempted to feed.

With some confusion in the plan, all the members of the group approached Cindermaw, even though Akram told them that only one of them had to be swallowed by the beast. Dedicating themselves to eradicating the monster, even though Akram told them it would be no use, they approached and quickly attacked, unconcerned with their fates.

Within seconds, the dwarf was snatched up in the creature’s jaws and swallowed. Inside the gullet of the massive worm, Gurn fought valiantly to free himself from certain doom. Meanwhile, his compatriots fought to kill the worm, hopefully before the dwarf was digested. Surrounding the creature on all sides, they mercilessly attacked its segmented body. Akram was impressed with their handlinng of the battle and for a moment thought that the group would slay Cindermaw without casualties.

Alas, it was not to be so, as Cindermaw let out a roar of rage and bit the elf maiden, Shara, in half, swallowing her torso while her legs fell over onto the gritty sand. Her comrades looked at her maimed half-body in horror, then grimly battled on. For the first time, this adventuring group had lost one of their own.

Seconds after Shara met her doom, Gurn was finally able to cut his way out of Cindermaw’s throat, catching a glimpse of Shara’s upper half sliding down its gullet towards him. Supressing a vomit reflex, Gurn pulled open the hole in Cindermaw’s throat and fell to the group, free at last, although nearly finished.

Seeing their compatriot free, the other members of the group doubled their efforts to fell the beast, and soon, with a plaintive cry, Cindermaw fell to the ground with a might thump…right on top of Gurn.

In the aftermath of the battle, the group sadly buried what they could find of Shara, knowing that she would want them to keep her equipment.

Now determined more than ever, they set their sights on the camp of the Sun Clan, Akram leading the way.



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